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Our Mission: To level the playing field for all agricultural participants through technology, innovation, and financial inclusion. Our Vision: To create a trusted, connected and transparent agricultural supply chain where producers grow crops sustainably, have dependable access to more liquidity options and receive better prices for their crops. GrainChain’s innovative suite of products help Producers bring their products to market quickly, efficiently and reliably. Trumodity is our flagship transaction and exchange platform that enables trustworthy transactions, connects Producers directly to buyers and reduces uncertainties in doing business internationally. Our system handles all the post-harvest processes in one cloud-based, blockchain enabled platform. SiloSys is the inventory management solution for grain elevators and storage operators. HarvX is the logistics management system for transporting harvests from farms to storage operators. In 2013, GrainChain’s founders were approached by a large Texas farm looking to digitize its supply chain operations, improve inventory management, and enable fast, secure, and easy payment. Finding no satisfactory solution in the market, GrainChain’s founders set out to build one, and created SiloSys. After numerous years in the industry, and with the expansion of SiloSys, the founders set out to simplify the flow of the entire supply chain. In 2018, GrainChain was officially founded to accomplish this goal. Since then, our company has established agreements in multiple regions to help make the commodity supply chain more efficient, secure and transparent. GrainChain has offices in the United States, Mexico, Honduras and Brazil.

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Solving problems for all participants at all stages along the global agricultural supply chain, improving transparency, efficiency & reliability.