GrainChain Nominated for HackerNoon’s Startups of the Year 2023

4 min readSep 13, 2023


HackerNoon Startups of the Year 2023 graphic. GrainChain is nominated this year.

GrainChain has been nominated in HackerNoon’s annual Startup of the Year awards for McAllen, Texas, USA.

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Meet GrainChain

GrainChain team members on stage accepting an award for being named one of the top 20 places to work in Mexico by Great Place to Work Mexico.
GrainChain was recently named one of the top 20 companies to work for by Great Place to Work Mexico. Our company has been GPTW Certified since last year.

GrainChain is working to level the playing field for producers and all other participants along the global agricultural supply chain by directly addressing current pain points such as reliability of data, traceability, the speed of payments and access to financing and insurance.

How We’re Disrupting/Improving the Agricultural Supply Chain Industry

We’re bringing the technological tools that large scale producers use and making them available to small to medium-sized producers. GrainChain is working to take an industry that is still relying on paper and labor intensive practices and move it towards a productive, sustainable future, helping producers, buyers, storage operators, lenders and other supply chain participants around the world.

Our software ecosystem solves problems for all participants at every stage of the supply chain, providing better visibility, efficiency and data. We are not merely aggregating data but generating it, and the reliability of this data allows us to open up new opportunities in the marketplace.

Standing Out from The Crowd

We are unique because we are not creating solutions in search of a problem. We’re not building blockchain and IoT-driven solutions because that technology is popular and draws attention–we are constantly seeking out the best technology and approaches available to solve real world problems faced along the agricultural supply chain. More importantly, we are applying these technologies the right way.

Each solution we have built solves a specific problem that producers, buyers, lenders, storage operators and other supply chain participants are facing in markets around the world. We believe no one is really tackling supply chain efficiency, traceability and liquidity in the holistic way we are, connecting all participants through a single point of truth.

Our Predictions/Thoughts on the Agricultural Supply Chain Industry in 2023

Automation and digitization of processes at each stage of the supply chain will continue to ramp up in 2023, meaning more reliable, real-time data can be captured, stored and made available to all stakeholders. This data is key to lowering risk and providing producers with more and better financial options from loans to insurance.

AI is going to be transformative in this industry as it is across all industries. AI can help supply chain participants identify anomalous data and solve problems more quickly. It can enhance predictive analytics and forecasting so that producers can make their operations more efficient and get better prices in a highly volatile marketplace.

As with many industries, there will be a shift away from proprietary hardware and heavy investments in infrastructure towards cloud computing and mobile apps that allow producers, storage operators and logistics providers to more quickly and easily integrate technology into their operations.

We’re in an age of amazing advancements in technology, but the key is applying the right technologies the right way to truly impact the agricultural supply chain.

What word defines the state of the agricultural supply chain in 2023?

Sustainability is the key word for the agricultural supply chain in 2023. From multinational conglomerates to smallholder farmers, everyone is looking at how to build a more sustainable supply chain both to protect our food, the environment, and their bottom lines. The world needs a more efficient, sustainable agricultural supply chain to provide the food we all need. Thus the green revolution, regenerative agriculture, circular economies and sustainability are all focus points in our industry.

Making farm operations more productive is one step in the right direction, but producers will also need a reliable way to provide provenance data, proof of certifications for sustainable practices. Ultimately we need to help producers make their operations financially and environmentally sustainable. Producers can sell their commodities at a premium if they use sustainable practices and provide traceability, creating an incentive for the marketplace to increasingly move towards sustainable agriculture.

Why we decided to participate in HackerNoon’s Startup of the Year awards

We see ourselves reflected in the HackerNoon community–a diverse group of entrepreneurs, engineers, project managers and marketers interested in the most novel and innovative uses of technology to solve the world’s problems. We would be honored to be recognized by the community as the best startup in our city.

Final Thoughts

GrainChain has been making a real world impact for producers, buyers, storage operators, drivers, lenders, insurers and all participants along the global agricultural supply chain. We have been able to continually evolve and scale our solutions in a relatively short period of time, which we believe makes us worthy of a nomination for Startups of the Year for 2023

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Solving problems for all participants at all stages along the global agricultural supply chain, improving transparency, efficiency & reliability.